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Nanjing V2 Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. established at the end of 2006 is a hightech company integrating design, manufacture and sales with strong technical force.
We are specialized in design and manufacturing vacuum heat treatment furnace、vacuum brazing furnace、vacuum hot-pressing-diffusion welding furnace、vacuum induction melting furnace、vacuum sintering furnace.
widely used in aviation, aerospace, military , railway, automobile, machinery, mold, electronics, scientific research and other industries.
We provide high quality vacuum furnace equipment as well as provide vacuum brazing process services
In order to develop a better vacuum brazing process.
We also take help of or senior engineers from universities like 1)Nanjing University of Science and Technology  2)Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
We use stainless steel. Aluminum cold plate, titanium alloy. High temperature alloy, nickel base alloy. Hard alloy. Diamond, ceramics. Red copper, and other materials for  vacuum brazing furnace

Our target is to achieve quality not quantityGraphite Heating Furnace Brazing manufacturers
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