Our History
Suzhou Ind-Booster Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was established at 2016, always working on creating active and passive component. We have own R&D team and own laboratory. Most of developing engineer are graduate students and with more than 10 years of experience in the wireless networking industry. Our company committed to provide wireless networking production and overall solution.
Product Application
Our products widely used at smart city coverage, smart medicalsystem, in-building, campus stadia, tunnels, metro, coverage extension, rail & train, home and office security, anti-drone detection.
Production Equipment
Network analyzer, signal generators, noise figure analyzers, fundamental measurement instruments, temperature chambers, shielding box, RF Digital Attenuator, power tester.
Production Market
Our products are mainly sold to Europe and America and other areas. We have recognized by our customers through our unremitting effores.2.4GHz High Power Jammer Modules price
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