Product Introduction
Ultra absorbent synthetic PVA material
As pet owners, we can vouch that ICE BEAR Pet Towel is the fastest way to soak up excess water from your pet after a bath or swim in the pool. The unique material absorbs up to 10 times it's weight in water. Unlike conventional cotton or microfiber towels that looses absorbency when saturated, Pet Towel works best when moist. Therefore it can be wrung out and used repeatedly at maximum absorbency until your pet is dry. No need for multiple towels anymore, one piece towel will do any job large and small.
Large 26"x17" size
Amazing for small and medium sized pets, but also effective for large pets. Due to the infinite times you can use a single Pet towel, repeatedly soak and wring to dry one area at a time on larger animals.
Product feature and application
SUPER ABSORBENT - can hold up to 10 times it's weight. Pet towel is the fastest way to dry your furry family member
ANTI-BACTERIAL - synthetic PVA material reduces the chance for bacterial growth for a cleaner and healthier alternative to cotton and microfiber towels
EASY TO CLEAN - smooth surface minimizes nooks and crannies for hair and debris to be trapped. Washes easy with soap and water
ECO-FRIENDLY - made from biodegradable PVA that won't harm the environment and is safe to use on pets and humans
Production details
Anti-Bacterial properties keep bath time hygienic and fun
Say good-bye to unhygienic sharing of towels with your pets, and energy wasting laundry cycles of just a few towels. Our synthetic PVA material keeps odors and bacteria growth to a minimum. The smooth surface design also makes cleaning easy with just soap and water.
Product qualification
Safe and Eco-Friendly
synthetic PVA is bio-degradable and safe to use on pets or humans. Worn out towel can even be cut up and buried in the backyard garden to provide a better way to retain water for plants.
Q:What happens of my towel becomes dry?
A:No worries! Re wet the towel (preferably in warm or hot water) and wring out the excess water once the towel is completely wet. If the towel has been dry or in storage for a long period of time, (and has become stiff) place it in the washing machine on a "hot" and wash it like you would a t-shirt. This will clean and soften the material at the same time.Customized Pet Cooling Towel
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