Suzhou Arphu Industrial Co., Limited, which devotes itself to the field of R & D, manufacture and sale of Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer (also called Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Press), We are specializing, focusing and concentrating on conveyor belt maintenance, service and overall scheme design and construction. People-oriented, quality-controlled, excellent management, expanding markets and superior service are our concept of development. Holding the concept, we provide comprehensive service for industrial and mining, power plant, steel mill, port, chemical industry and cement enterprises, etc. Customer-oriented and supported by engineering materials and engineering technology. Paying attention to management, creating an excellent technical service team, comprehensively upgrading the service quality and realizing win-win integrity with customers.
Enterprise Culture — We Exist to Pursue Greatness and perfection.
Our quality policy — Honest, excellent service and pursuit of excellence.
Corporate Mission — Creating wealth for the society, creating value for our clients and creating happiness for our staff.
Our Core Values — Innovation, initiative and all-win harmony.
Corporate Spirit — Solidarity, diligence and firmness.
Management Concept — Scientific, standardized, efficient and pragmatic.
Our Company History
▲ January 2007 — (Jiangsu Chenggong | Mining Industry) Launch of JSCG (Arphu Industrial | Mining)
▲ May 2008 — Export to Mexico BVIOS Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer (1st order)
▲ April 2009 — Developed customers more than 20 Countries , including Lafarge Group
▲ October 2009 — (DL Industrial Limited| Mining ) Launch of DL (Arphu Industrial | Mining)
▲ May 2010 — Cooperate with World’s Largest Copper Ming (Escondida mine-BHP Billiton Ltd)
▲ February 2016 — New Stage | Developed customers more than 60 countries & regions
▲ May 2017 — (Suzhou Arphu | Mining Industry) Launch of Suzhou Arphu Industrial
▲ November 2017 — New Journey & Further Expansion Arphu Industrial expands internationally to all over the world
Diverse Team
We have a team with rich experience and enthusiasm, and we are committed to work together for the same goal, to better our products and service for our clients in various fields.
Nolberto Maldonado
Global Technical Manager Jianguo Cai
Belt Splicing Specialist & Electrical Enginee
I joined Arphu in 2015 after being the agent of Arphu, we started our first cooperation from 2008 when I work in SRB in the rubber industry my entire career. Being a trainer, I have trained over 3,000 people in rubber lining, belt splicing and re-treading. As a belt splicing specialist, I served over 500 customers as specialist in the field rubber and steel cord belt, as a specialist, I visited many countries to guide and train for our customers. Also being an electrical engineer, I also repair or change heating resistors and electrical control cabinet, etc.
Xihong Lu
Mechanical Engineer Meng Zhou
Belt Splicing Specialist & Electrical Enginee
Working with Arphu brings me young mind and entrepreneurial spirit. It’s my honor to join the team of Arphu as a belt splicing specialist & electrical engineer, work with the vibrant and flourishing team, serve for our customers bring me happiness and task commitment.
Professional Manufacturer
Arphu will always continue to focus on the design, produce, sales, engineering technical consultation and project contracting of conveyor belt vulcanizing press (conveyor belt vulcanizer, hot splicing machine), belt repair vulcanizer, because we believe that the conveyor belt makes a real impact on the conveyor running and productivity. we will also focus on the quality management, creating an excellent technical service team, upgrading the service quality and realizing win-win integrity with customers. We proudly provide conveyor belt maintenance service, tools and equipment to power plant, steel plant, cement plant, mine, port, chemical industry, etc.
◆ Conveyor belt vulcanizing presses (conveyor belt vulcanizers)
◆ Belt repair vulcanizers
◆ Conveyor belt strip machines (belt peelers)
◆ Pull cord switches
◆ Belt sway switches (belt misalignment switches)
◆ Speed detector
◆ PVC/PU belt joint presses
Customer Service
Arphu aims to provide excellent service to its clients with 24 x 7 support from the team. We provide the right products to meet the clients requirements, prolong belt life, short belt downtime and accidents.
Our Trusted Partners
 China Safe Explosion-proof Vulcanizer For Coal Mine Hot Splicing
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