Our History
HUALIAN POWDER METALLURGY is one of the manufacturer that specialized in developing, production and selling powder metallurgy products more than 20 years. Products mainly involves in the field of automobile, motorcycle, textile machine, diesel engine, household appliances, sewing machine industries etc.
Our Factory
HUALIAN POWDER METALLURGY was established in 1995 year which located in the east sea of China and have the name of "Garden on the sea" in Yuhuan, Zhejiang Province. It has covers an area of 13700 square meters, including 20 technician, 8 engineers. Hualian insist on suppling high quality products, perfect service and pragmatic price to meet customer's demand. it constantly tracking the advanced technology trends of domestic and internationals. Strengthen research & develop work of products. Company existing each kind of professional production equipments, perfect testing machine and experienced technician & management staff which provide solid guarantee of stable quality also the improving of products.
HUALIAN has been adhering to the "people-oriental, strives for the survival by the quality, beg the development with the prestige", continuous stride forward to the goal of "world flagship". "Work seriously, be honest" this words have been hualian man's work attitude and life standards. We summarize the venture since the storm of the mileage, refine out "the care, love, harmony, the development" the enterprise ideal, and "way to making machines, and the purpose is to educate people," the company culture faith and "self-improvement, has made da, leading the industry, synchronous world" spirit of enterprise. With moral achievement quality, to "harmony" create value, in our industry make more contribution.
Our Product
1. Adjust arm series
2. Gear series
3. Sprocket wheel series
4. Pulley series.
5. Clutch series
6. Oil pump rotor series.
Product Application
Products used for Automobile engine, sewing machine, lawn mower, automobile steering, etc.
Production EquipmentProduction Equipment1.Automatic forming equipment            56 sets(15T--500T)2.Mesh-belt sintering furnace             3 sets3.High-temperature pusher furnace         1 set4.Vacuum sintering furnace                1 set5.Steam treatment furnace                 3 sets6.CNC lathe                                        38 sets7.Vibratory polishing machine             3 sets8.Vacuum oil immersion machine9.Ultrasonic cleaning machineTesting equipment:
2.Carbon and sulfur analyzer
4.Ultrasonic fault detector
6.Electron microscope scanner
7.Destruction testing machine
8.Hardness tester
Mould manufacturing equipment:
1.Sodick wire-electrode cutting machine     1 set
2.Sodick EDM                               1 set
3.Electric discharge machine                6 sets
4.Automatic grinding machine               1 set
5.wire-electrode cutting machine  4 sets
6.Cylindrical grinding machine   1 set
Our Service
Company attaches great importance to the development of new products. In the early stage of product development, it can offer more effective and economical solutions to different customers or products, and we can stand in the customer's position, make more perfect forerunner planning and failure mode analysis for the customer and make a reasonable solution. To tie in with the development of the potential market, regularly organize relevant personnel research, active visit customers to understand the specific situation, and master the customer needs, and actively cooperate with customers and design department, set up benign technology exchange, under the condition of mutual understanding between the two sides proposed design scheme.
During the period of product production, informed of production schedule to customer at any time, Actively cooperate and support the supervision work of customers. On the details of production, we exchange views either by written or exchange at production site.
For the bidding products, we strictly follow the requirements of the customer and strictly follow TS16949 quality management system also with "6S" management mode to make products, ensure that the products meet customer's requirements.
High quality and perfect after-sale service is an important commitment to customers.
Set up after-sales service files for sold out products, long-term tracking service, promised the principle of "quality first, customer first"to customers. Listen to customer's comments and suggestions, and continuously improve work method to make customer's satisfaction, ensure the quality for the sold out products, try our best to meet customers'demands.Powder Metallurgy 14-teeth Epicyclic Gearing suppliers
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