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It is in the nature of the males to be the provider and protector of the family. It’s basic evolutionary psychology. Now that old roles of hunter-gatherer societies are meaningless, that part of male’s nature, which has evolved over thousands of years, hasn’t changed. It’s normal for them to be intimidated by successful women since the roles of themselves that they have in their mind will be taken from them.

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Most men are intimidated by wealthier or more successful women. For some it’s because they will seem less successful, some it’s because they will not feel they are needed. For some, it’s because they will not feel like they are in charge. But don’t worry, some men don’t care about wealth or success of their partners.

If you are unhappy with this situation, diversify your assets and live a life with less luxury. If you found a meaningful relationship then tell him about everything. If the relationship was strong enough then it will be great. Otherwise better sorry than sorrier later.

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