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Well, to be more gentlemanly:

1) Behave more gentlemanly.

2) Dress more gentlemanly.

3) talk more gentlemanly.

To elaborate more, be courteous to women without ever expecting something in return. In fact be courteous to everyone. After all “Manners maketh man”. Dress in a presentable manner and according to the situation. Groom yourself, be clean and have a good smell(Do not have sweat or cigarette smell). Have interesting conversations. Ask more about others and try to find interesting things about them. Don’t hog the conversation.

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If you like to be a gentleman to women, follow this rules:

  • Always walk women home and make sure that they are inside before leaving.
  • Pay for the dinner on nights out, unless she finds it offensive or insists on paying for her share.
  • Be respectful to her, as well as her friends and relations.
  • If it’s rainy or cold, offer your umbrella or coat. Don’t be indifferent.
  • Don’t hide your affection. More importantly, know how much of affection she needs to receive in front of others.
  • Cook for her. Learn a few exotic or difficult meals and once in a while treat her to it.
  • Make sure that she knows how you feel. Mean what you say and say what you mean.
  • Be clear and have rational communications.
  • Dress with style and have a posture to match.
  • Don’t be judgmental of others. Don’t be prejudiced toward any group.
  • Don’t lie, and show that honesty is the best policy with you and you are always understanding.
  • Be secretive of her secrets. Don’t lose the trust which was given to you.
  • Don’t gossip or spread rumors.
  • Don’t be arrogant, and never look down on her or belittle her achievements.
  • Learn to fix a car, cook, create something with hand, and dance.              
  • Be open-minded. Make her know that she can be open with you and never needs to hide anything.

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  • Be respectful to others. Expect others to be respectful to you, so that this will be how they treat you.
  • Have a personal style. Show real class instead of showing off brands or using expensive clothes.
  • Try to learn analyzing situations and dress accordingly. There is a specific dress code for each specific situation.
  • When using deodorant or cologne, don’t overdo it. An overpowering odor is no good.
  • Have a firm handshake. It’s a part of the first impression of others of you.
  • Be self-aware. Try to act in a way that is not offensive to others. Yet stick to your principals.
  • Don’t be aggressive or offensive. Never swear and insult others. It’s more powerful to truthfully state facts than to insult others.
  • Be polite. In your politeness don’t differ between men or women, old or young.
  • Learn to keep a conversation going. Ask about others and avoid talking about yourself.
  • physical violence should be an absolute last resort.
  • Don’t talk down to others and act kindly toward all. This reminds me of this quote: “If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals. ~ From Harry Potter books”
  • Don’t talk behind anyone’s back. And don’t reveal information about others that don’t want that shared.

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